Union County NJ Location And Area Information

Union County NJ Location And Area Information

Union County NJ Location Information, Towns, and Surrounding Areas

Union County, NJ location information: This post will tell you all about Union County, New Jersey. Read along to get important information on the area, towns and businesses too.

Union County New Jersey Information 

Union County has roughly 572,000 people. Fifty percent of these people are women and twenty-three percent are those under 18. In this county, there are roughly 211,000 units to house people. Out of those living areas, 191,000 of them are houses. This means that eventually, people in the county will need a roof replacement or work done. 

Surrounding Areas and Towns 

Many people do not realize that just because they are not in Union, New Jersey, does not mean that they cannot use AK Contractors. AK Contractors will be available to all surrounding areas in Union County. This includes the following cities and surrounding areas. 

Incorporated Places





Roselle Park 







New Providence


Other Cities And Areas In Union County New Jersey


Goodmans Crossing 

Scotch Plains 






Staten Island Junction 

Stony Hill 

Liberty Square 

Benders Corner 


Pioneer Homes 

Woodland Park 

Notable Businesses In Union County, NJ

There are many businesses in Union County NJ. A few of the businesses in Union County include:

One notable business is AK Contractor. They are located in Union NJ and service a large portion of New Jersey with a variety of services. You may look at the map to see their business below:

AK Contractors is available for all of Union County. Just because you are not located in Union County, does not mean that they will not come to you for roofing services, painting services, guttering services, and siding repairs and installation. 

Services Provided By Union County Roofing Company AK Contractor

AK Contractor is known for its many years of experience. In fact, they have roughly fifty years of experience. Plus, they have done many projects successfully with happy clients. Let us talk about some services that are offered if you live in Union County, New Jersey. 

Roofing Services 

Having a roof can mean that you need help to ensure it stays intact as long as possible. This means that you should always call the best for your roofing services. AK Contractor can repair any leaks located on the roof or any damaged shingles. Roofing services like these often come after storms or after windy days. 

Siding Installation

Siding is not as easy as it may seem to install. That is why you should always be prepared for this project to take time and hire a professional siding contractor near you. Keep in mind that the size of the property will also determine how long siding installation will take. 


Nothing is worse than broken or damaged gutters. Not to mention, they are going to impair the life of the roof. When the gutters are clogged, water can be left standing on your roof. This can cause your roof to become compromised and need repair. 

Replacement Roofing 

Replacing your roof can be something that you do not want to do. That is why you need to hire the best to ensure the job is done right. You can even get a free quote on a replacement roof when you call AK Contractor. 

AK Contractor is insured and licensed. They have years of experience and provide excellent customer service. Plus, they have some of the most competitive rates around Union County. 

Repairing Roofing 

AK Contractor is one of the top companies in the New Jersey area. Our experts are able to find the problems and fix them accordingly. This means leaks and other problems will no longer bother you after a quick call. 


While many people do not know that we offer painting services, we do. In fact, we are some of the best painting experts around. Our goal is to go the extra mile to ensure that customers are satisfied. 

Wrapping Up 

Union County is a large area. This means that many people can utilize the services offered by AK Contractors. Just because you are not in the city, does not mean that AK cannot help you. Just be sure to contact them if you need their services. You can also get free quotes before starting any project. This will allow you to make the final decisions before you determine which route you go with your roof repairs, replacement, or painting job.

AK Contractors serves the local areas surrounding Union County New Jersey. We are going to talk about the services provided and where you can get them.